5th Design Award "Light up your idea" by Riva Industria Mobili S.p.A. - Cupboard

The name chosen derives from a fairly complex japanese word, but manages to talk about the basis of the entire project: wabi identifies rustic simplicity and silence, or even elegance that is not ostentatious. Wabi simplicity, not pretentious and rough, should not, however, be confused with poverty. It is important to be able to grasp the nobility of spirit and the inner purity hidden under a rough and modest aspect.

The sideboard is in solid wood and plywood, in unpainted and quite raw oak. The doors and drawers are imagined with the push-pull system. In the central part of the sideboard there is a container space of 116x56x50 cm, but there is also the possibility of inserting a shelf at half height. The supporting structure is in lacquered iron (color: black) and forms two thin legs that lift the sideboard from the ground. The iron structure also continues above the wooden part, forming two supports that can be used to lay books. The handles are in chromed metal.