Urban Stone Contest by CO.GE.SER. Consortium of marble and stone processing companies

Seki is a simple composition of three parts: base, seat and back. It has a square shape, with smooth edges to soften its lines. It is a bench that wants to integrate perfectly with its surroundings, able to blend in with any urban and natural context without remaining in the background, thanks to its size and materiality. It is designed to last for a long time and to preserve the characteristics of brilliance and finish over time, furthermore it stands out for its simple but captivating design and for the high quality of the materials used.

The base is a parallelepiped measuring 100x40x30 (h) centimeters which will support the seat slab measuring 120x45x12 (h) centimeters. The backrest is an "L" measuring 65x80x80 (h) centimeters and 12 centimeters thick which will rest on the corner of the other two superimposed elements.

It allows the user a multiplicity of seats, all united by the possibility of isolation guaranteed by the particular corner backrest that characterizes the project.

"Seki" allows you to create a "secluded place", where people can feel safe, with their backs covered, reading a book, talking on the phone or even just taking a break.