Design and construction in collaboration with Bottega Design A long, narrow bathroom with an old, small tub. A young client with clear ideas and the desire to transform the room according to her tastes. With these premises, we set to work to give shape to a project with neutral shades of gray, but without losing the strong contrast of light and shadow to give it character. Square tiles to form a dark ā€œLā€ between floor and wall on which all the sanitary fixtures are located and special whitewashing for bathrooms to balance with the opposite wall and the ceiling. Having to close the shower towards the window with a new partition, we didn't want to lose the brightness, so the long white wall just serves to bring light back along the entire length of the bathroom. The removal of the tub left us a small wall that we decided to use to create a seat in the shower and above which we installed a waterfall to give the client a moment of wellness, as if she had a small spa in her own home.

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