Design and construction in collaboration with Bottega Design The last few months have seen us engaged in a renovation that is a fusion of two different but contemporary styles that fully represent the character of the two owners. We and Bottega Design have redesigned the spaces, systems and furnishings. The furniture is totally custom-made, like the counter and the wardrobe at the entrance which have a carved wood paneling painted in matt black, a fine work carried out by our trusted carpenters. The floor was chosen according to a well-defined color palette which, as already mentioned, ranges from the pastel and natural tones of the aesthetic area to the underground ink colors of the tattoo area. Even the graphics were made by our team, totally customized according to the customer's requests: the tropical wallpaper and the framed paintings that become the protagonists of the environment in which they are hung. The lighting is visible, taking up the industrial style that is also found in the newly installed ventilation system. A complete project that left customers satisfied and, consequently, we are very proud about it.