Reuse The Roman Ruin Contest di Re-Use Italy. Project in collaboration with Dott.ssa Cantalupi Beatrice and Dott.ssa Venturis Giulia. PATH The project pays a lot of attention to the already existing building; to its height, to the suggestive glimpses and perspectives and to its materials. It develops on three floors that doesn't damage the tuff structure, but exist as a lightweight path that moves in both lengths and heights. The path is thought to start at the main entrance (floor -1) right below the arches and, running across the exposition, land on the lower level (floor -2) where you have a breathtaking view of the central corridor in all its height, illuminated by the outside zenith light and a series of scenic artificial lights. From here it rises again, letting us enjoy an even wider share of culture at the exhibition floor in mid height, to then come back to the highest floor, where you are able to enjoy the traditional cuisine at the restaurant. It is, indeed, a physical, visual and emotional path that guides the visitors along the whole height of the historical building. It is also possible to benefit of the external garden on top of the Piscina Mirabilis surface, a pleasant pause surrounded by greenery and where a modern structure benefitting from natural light hosts offices and the conference room. MATERIALS The concept starts from the metaphor of water as basic element of the whole project, a leit motiv recognizable especially in the materials used as a wall siding on the partition walls, in the bathrooms and furniture. The theme will be of transparence, colder shades and slight reflections and refractions of the light. EXHIBITION The exhibition is on three different levels with guided paths meant to make it possible to host different artists in spaces that won't constrain their art pieces. In fact, it is possible to install interactive and spatial artistic installations, paintings and sculptures of different heights.