Exhibition stand design in collaboration with Mascom sas

HostMilano is the world's leading trade fair dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality, every two years it offers over 800 events: techno-cooking, performances and competitions of high innovative and artistic content see the participation of the greatest chefs, professionals in the world of coffee and masters of ice cream, chocolate and pastry.

Novacart spa, world leader in the production of paper and cardboard items for confectionery and food use, has a long and narrow bare area available and a single request: it must immediately capture the attention. How to do it if not by inserting a three-dimensional led wall of 25 square meters? The whole project revolves around this giant cube that transmits video on three sides, without interruptions and with sharp edges. An opening in the middle of the led wall is an invitation to enter and discover a small special space: inside there is, in fact, a lowered and illuminated corridor with display cases for the new collection of products.

Parallel to the 5 meter high cube, there is a reception desk, a series of exhibitors and a semi-private part for conversation. This zone is slightly closed on the rest of the stand thanks to glass columns and overhead bins that contain the lighting. On the back wall there are shop windows in length and a backlit graphic that attracts the visitor with its delicious photos of sweets.