Coronavirus Design Contest di DesignClass. Project in collaboration with Arch. Laudi Diletta, Arch. Cutolo Marco, Arch. Tasca Tiziana e Arch. Paris Matteo Starting from a simple 300x200x250cm module at the center of the residents shared courtyard, the whole tree structure is built upwords giving the module a 90° rotation on itself. The module intersects a braced metallic wireframe that supports the structure and becomes the center and trunk of the project. To further tie in with the concept we choose to use wood as main material, for both the module and the pedestrian footbridge. It would be advisable to choose the type of wood based on the area of the construction, preferring local materials for better sustainability, and for this project varnished oak has been integrated. This structure becomes a green and private extention of the house that allows the communication between inhabitants while maintaining the physical distances between people from different family units. The greenery is also visible from the windows overlooking the courtyard, giving more privacy to the apartments, reducing the air pollution, cleaning the environment and improving the life quality of the people. The positive effect of the greenery doesn’t just stop at the immediate aesthetic sense, but also affects the health and psyche, making it an important factor helping situations like those generated by this pandemic. The natural light is filtered by the foodbridges, giving the shared courtyard a very evocative atmosphere. The tree reaches over the top of the roof where it extends with its branches, made of more modules, in this case semi-public, dedicated to a vegetable garden and used as a shared space, made of two-stores duplexes. Here you can access the residents stairs and have the chance to get look over the courtyard from above. At first glance a simple architecture, inspired by a classic natural element, is able to gift green areas to be lived out by many who have been missing them during the quarantine imposed to fight back Covid-19.