Riflessi in Autunno by Botanical Garden of Naples and AIAPP – Campania Basilicata Calabria section – X edition of Planta

The connection with nature is essential all year round, so a fall garden is no less important than a spring one. The latter will have more flowers, colors and will give the idea of rebirth, but an autumn garden, if studied in the choice of essences, can give just as much satisfaction.

It is with this spirit that the Green Fountain project wants to influence the visitor with a composition of plants, colors and shades, recalling the shape of a fountain and creating new scenic reflections. The olive tree is a green plant throughout the year, it is not afraid of low temperatures and creates a hat of branches and leaves that recall the central jet of water of a fountain. Below it the idea is to create steps at different heights that intersperse perennial and annual herbaceous plants, succulents and medicinal plants which can offer their splendid colors even in autumn, from green to white, from yellow to red.
Marigold and Drosanthemum could keep their flowers until winter, especially if the climate is mild, while the other plants and essences chosen will not offer their flowers, but will keep their colored leaves and their aromatic scents which can give well-being and relief. in the colder months. That the visitor can take a sprig of Thyme to take home, slowly bringing to light the installation, but giving vegetation to everyone?

The temporary nature of the project is precisely the theme of the concept which led to the proposal to use only vases of different heights and sizes, hidden by two layers of bamboo or wooden arella for the vases of 25 and 80 cm height, while the vases of 60 and 110 cm remain visible and therefore the choice fell on colored vases that recall the natural shades of the earth, a perfect background for the hanging plants and a new shade of color to include in the whole.

The idea of the circular structure was born to be scenic and to allow easy use around it, developing no more than four meters in diameter and becoming a focal point for the main road of the Botanical Garden. The inclusion in the project of comfortable poufs in fabric suitable for the outdoors, in addition to the possibility of sitting around them to calmly observe the Fountain, offers a moment of pause and meditation during the visit to the park.