Color consultancy in collaboration with Bottega Design and Gianluigi Roman Design

Ginora called us right from the start, aware of the fact that the place needed updating, but without exaggerating the budget since many other expenses had already been budgeted for the kitchen area and systems. Our team of designers has studied the existing shapes and colors, proposing a low-budget intervention, but which has been able to grasp the taste of the owners and has given new life to an otherwise dull and dark space. The color palette was decided to enhance the existing furnishings and materials, especially those that could not be replaced immediately, but also and above all to bring as much light into the space as possible. In the future, petroleum blue furnishings will also be integrated, as per our color consultancy, but already now we can only be satisfied with the result.

20220914_110554ginora bar gin progetto interni colore ndesign04
20220914_103912ginora bar gin progetto interni colore ndesign copia