Design and construction in collaboration with Bottega Design

A long-lasting construction site and a design that has seen several changes, but one result we are proud of: the transformation from a former coffee roaster into an elegant and contemporary bar. It was a long and narrow place, very dark especially for the colors we found there and which gave the impression of being even smaller. Our design wanted to give breath to the space, playing with light and warm colors, and inserting a large bar counter in order to meet all the needs during the days of service, but which does not weigh down the environment thanks to the mirror and integrated lighting. The bottle rack in the back of the counter creates a game of LED strips that are connected to the long shelves on the sides of the room, 250 cm from the ground, which create an optical effect of lowering the ceiling. The ceiling has not been touched in the reliefs, but only painted with natural lime which continues on all the walls and on the plasterboard shelves, making the environment uniform, with a soft finish. Thanks to the support of Bonati & Beneggi from Milan, we found a wallpaper that perfectly matches the champagne finish of the lime, filling a wall of the room and making it unique, contemporary and artistic at the same time. Our work then concluded with the choice of the chairs, coral colored, in contrast with the blue in the wallpaper and in the realization of the tables with the same material as the counter and shelves.

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