Renovation of an apartment with lake view

An old apartment with great potential given by the splendid view of Lake Varese and which the young client wanted to modernize based on his available budget, rather dividing the renovation into various steps over time. The first phase was to focus on the most useful areas of the house, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

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The client wanted to keep his kitchen from his previous house, thus re-adapting it to the larger spaces and modifying some parts that had deteriorated over time. We therefore worked with our suppliers with a new gray stone-effect HPL top, a new resin sink and a new kitchen backsplash in red tiles from Imola Ceramiche. We eliminated the entire existing wall covering and decided to lighten the environment by mainly painting it and using only a band of red tiles that became the protagonists.

foto del prima_zaro_interior design_ristrutturazione (3)

For the bathroom, however, the idea was to make it more usable given that the existing situation consisted of a shower and sink unit in brick and tiles, very uncomfortable and bulky, and making it brighter. Here too we wanted to avoid tiling all the walls, but we concentrated on cladding only in the bathroom and shower area and a raised wave effect that amplifies the perception of the space. From day one, the customer requested to include a "Japanese" style bathroom fixture, therefore with different technologies that allowed us to also eliminate the need for the bidet and therefore allowing the laundry area to be more comfortable. The latter was designed and tailor-made with our suppliers, based on the customer's needs and habits.

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