Design and construction in collaboration with Bottega Design In his shop in Samarate, a fruiterer decided to make a restyling of the store which is a reference for families in the neighborhood. Following the owner's budget and tastes, the Bottega Design team reorganized the space in order to have a comfortable counter for the service, without losing the exhibition space. It was impossible to intervene on the existing floor, so it was decided to create a color palette combined with the old tiles, opting for light wood, white color and dark green. The dark green was inserted in order to cancel the differences in the height of the ceiling and to visually lower the height of the room, even here without intervening on the existing structure. The Bottega Design team intervened with a turnkey project that saw the collaboration with our suppliers for the supply of technical furniture and refrigerators, as well as for graphic panels designed by us placed to close the lower part of the exhibitors near the entrance.