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Consultancy on color and furniture for a private apartment in Milan For this two-room apartment in Milan, we were asked to make a restyling of the living area that would reorganize the existing furnishings, replacing some, and visually transform the size of the room. Respecting a very low budget and customer needs, including a new workstation for smart working, we have overturned the initial arrangement of the desk and dining table, integrating the computer area and TV cabinet. We chose a color palette that harmonized with the kitchen and the existing flooring, remaining on new furnishings with light white and gray tones and then inserting some elements, such as spotlights and carpet, which recalled the shades of blue proposed for the wall and ceiling of the lunch area. This area is certainly the protagonist of the scene both for the liveliness and for the larger optical effect of the space, consequently giving importance to the table and to the moment of meeting that takes place around it.