Exhibition stand design in collaboration with Mascom sas

Cibus Tec is one of the most innovative food technology events and a complete showcase of the best solutions (from ingredients to processing technologies, from packaging to logistics) for all sectors of the food and beverage industry.
In a naked exhibition area of ​​4x3 meters with two open sides, Ensiger Italia srl ​​- a company specializing in plastic materials - needed to exhibit some material samples and their new graphics. By taking advantage of the walls for printed communication and back-lighting one of these for a greater scenic impact, it was possible to leave enough space for a reception desk, a coffee table, a 50x50 cm base and for the two custom-built display towers, made for the occasion.
The towers are in colored plexiglass laser cut and folded on all four sides. Having the exact size of the company's material samples, this display structure was designed so as to have easy access to the plastic blocks, by pulling them out and repositioning them at different heights. The base is in varnished mdf wood which maintains the vertical structure. The colors of the exhibitors and of the entire stand reflect the brand identity of Ensinger Italia srl, so as to be recognizable even from a distance.