Interior design work for a terraced house A little villa with three floors and a client who needed to reorganize the space with a style that made her feel really at home. A ground floor with living room, kitchen and bathroom; a first floor with two bedrooms and a bathroom and, finally, an attic which is the master bedroom. Ndesign started to work immediately by reorganizing the furnishings that the client wanted to keep from the previous house, especially the beds and desks in the sleeping area and part of the living area. The kitchen, on the other hand, has been custom designed and built by our suppliers, as well as some plasterboard furniture (TV cabinet and wardrobe in the attic) which have seen the intervention of our best craftsmen. The bed in the attic, also custom designed, has a plasterboard base and a cantilevered structure in bleached wood that also continues in the headboard against the wall. The dominant color is white, as requested by the customer, with the addition of some light wood elements for a Shabby Chic effect mixed with Scandinavian. The client's paintings are almost the only hints of color that bring out the character of those who live in the space.