Restyling of the office

We had already tested ourselves with a mechanical office with the PitStop srl project in Gallarate and we must admit that it is gratifying to see the before and after of each intervention. This time, a car repair shop in Vanzaghello wanted to make its office more welcoming, organized and pleasant for the administration. The existing situation was confusing, with little storage space for all the folders and documents useful for work and with dull colours, as well as an old light that consumed too much and was unpleasant for those who worked in the office all day.
Our intervention aimed to completely transform the small office with a project that mainly improved the mood of the staff - as well as receiving the approval of regular customers! - thanks to the use of color and the inclusion of vegetation. The blue on the ceiling visually lowers the exaggerated height of the space and recalls the company colors, as well as inducing a pleasant state of calm in those who stay there during the working day. The furniture was entirely replaced thanks to our promotion with Colombini Group which allowed our customers to receive a discount for the supply, the waiting chairs are minimal, comfortable and easily cleanable, also on promotion but with Kave Home. The floor was recolored and the entrance door was remade to measure and overturned with an outward opening to make entry into the office easier.
The before/after looks great, don't you think?