Exhibition stand design in collaboration with Mascom sas

HostMilano is the world's leading trade fair dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality, every two years it offers over 800 events: techno-cooking, performances and competitions of high innovative and artistic content see the participation of the greatest chefs, professionals in the world of coffee and masters of ice cream, chocolate and pastry.
The Belgian company Belmoca bvba needs an impactful and elegant exhibition stand, in harmony with the relaunch of their brand identity and to get noticed on the international market thanks to their colorful aluminum coffee pods with an intense flavor. On a nude exhibition area of ​​14 square meters and three sides open to the public, we designed a perfect symmetry of display elements and backlit advertising graphics that embraces the visitor and invites him to drink a delicious coffee.
Colorful products and graphics that contrast perfectly with an opaque black painted structure, custom-built in every detail, and an oak-effect parquet floor that recalls the welcoming aesthetic of a showroom. The lights play a fundamental role in making the stand the protagonist of the pavilion, but also the unmistakable aroma of their coffees attracts many visitors.
A particular and amusing note is the choice of inserting real coffee plants in the planters, with a ground covered with unique beans, giving up the classic colored flowers, but remaining in strong coherence with the company's core business.