Consultancy on color and furniture for a private house in the province of Milan The clients needed a restyling of the living room without replacing all the existing furnishings which, despite the many years, were still intact. For this reason it was decided to use white films to cover the wengé furniture, now dated. The back wall, in accordance with the gray stone of the fireplace and the oak parquet, was painted a forest green which gives liveliness to the entire room without affecting its brightness. The old white eco-leather sofa was replaced with a gray cotton one from the Poltronesofà brand and new furnishings were purchased to create a secluded and welcoming reading area: a Chesterfield-type armchair in a classic dark brown color and a steel arched lamp . Finally, Ndesign proposed a custom-made coffee table that would respond to the not indifferent dimensions of the armchair and that could provide for all the client's comfort needs. This side table, in fact, has a support surface, a hanger for winter blankets and an area where books and magazines can be stored.