Design and realization in collaboration with Bottega Design and Gianluigi Roman Design

The Albizzati pastry shop in Angera, on Lake Maggiore, called us to renovate the shop and start the new year with a big news for its customers. The idea was to create an aesthetic frame for the amazing pastry products they produce in the laboratory visible on the back, enhancing their quality and giving life to a space that was able to welcome and make anyone who enters feel at home.
With Bottega design and Gianluigi Roman Design we designed an environment that could respond well to the organizational and display needs of the owners, combining it with a sober and relaxing color palette. It was essential to avoid compromising the colors of the confectionery products, thus choosing a shade that could act as a background, without altering the existing nuances. We therefore opted for a slightly desaturated teal, combining it with a specially created wallpaper in the same shade, but lighter.

prima albizzati fotoDSC_0027
prima foto albizzati ndesign progetto (2)DSC_0019
prima foto albizzati ndesign progetto (1)DSC_0017
prima foto albizzati ndesign progetto (3)DSC_0026

In addition to the supply of new refrigerated counters and the study of the layout of the new plasterboard walls, we designed all the custom-made furniture, aligning ourselves with the dimensions of the products to be displayed, we chose and laid a new high-traffic laminate floor and had some lamps, also in a color palette, to well illuminate the service area. Among the main requests of the owners was the urgency and the possibility of closing the shop for only two weeks, thus condensing all the work into those few days: starting then in advance and carefully calculating a project timeline for all the suppliers, we succeeded in the enterprise without jeopardizing the final quality of the work.