Design in collaboration with Gianluigi Roman design

Kairos is a project that was born with Fondazione Aurea of Castano Primo (MI) and the purpose of raising funds to be allocated to associations that work for custody and care of children in difficulty. Thanks to the collaboration with Erregi SRL, we discovered the possibilities of titanium elastic, a material also used by astronauts for their eyeglasses and by major luxury brands for jewelry, but which we prefer to use in its purest form, leaving it visible, with its color tending to blue. We have designed two titanium bands that wrap around the wrist, but which are also easily opened to be able to use the jewel, the titanium elastic has a memory of shape, therefore it always returns to its position, no matter how hard you try to pull it. How to make these two bands a jewel? There were no "precious" stones and it is always from the eyewear, but not only, that we went to take production waste to give them a new shape. We are talking about plexiglass and cellulose, in this case white.
The concept of the project is to make an inclusive jewel, without wearing gender, but also attentive to the environment, choosing to reuse waste materials and titanium, an eternal and totally recyclable material.